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Data And Insights For Activation

Audience Data


Create custom audiences and send to trusted partners for same-day targeting executions.

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Get cutting-edge views like App Graph-based indexing for first party data, competitive apps, and custom audiences.

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Publisher Solutions


PushSpring equips app owners and publishers with complete audience composition data. Learn more about users, and drive targeted engagement and ad monetization.

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  • Explore Audience Composition

  • Gain deep insights into the composition of first party and custom audiences. Understand app ownership, demographics, and complementary vs. competitive app penetration.
  • Activate Audiences

  • PushSpring offers accurate audience data across 200 million targetable mobile device IDs and 200 million targetable cookies. Create custom audiences and securely send to trusted partners for same-day targeting executions.
  • Import Audiences

  • Import first party data with the PushSpring Audience Console. View app-based insights, create segmentation strategies, and build lookalike audiences.
  • Export Reports

  • With PushSpring Audience Console you have the option to export Audience Composition Reports, taking the data out of the console and into your customer presentations. Reports are available in PDF, PowerPoint, and CSV format.