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Segment and reach mobile audiences with PushSpring targeting

App Owners

Grow revenue with in-app targeting and content personalization

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The Art and Science of Audience Marketing

PushSpring gives app owners and advertisers the tools and data to realize marketing objectives through the identification and personification of high value mobile audiences. Leverage the power of billions of mobile app and device data signals to tailor your marketing strategy and capture maximum audience value.

Mobile Audience Targeting

Get the most accurate and relevant targeting results with audience data that originates from mobile device and app signals.

PushSpring Personas

150 mobile audience targeting Personas spanning Life Stage, Intent, and Interest & Activity dimensions.

Custom segmentation

Create your own targeting segment with PushSpring Personas, App Genres and signals like location, device type, and app ownership.
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Audience Intelligence Defined

Discover the Personas that characterize your audience. Understand other apps they actively use and even track competitors.

Audience Composition

View app usage trends and compare across audience Personas and app ownership subsets.

Actionable Insights

Track audience behavior patterns that help you identify trends, high-value user characteristics, and path to conversion.

App Intelligence

Analyze your app audience overlap with competitors, partners, and other affinity apps.
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App Audience Monetization

Monetize more effectively with superior audience data to power targeted ad sales, offers, and content.

Grow direct sales revenue

Add audience targeting products to your portfolio. Increase CPMs and ad revenue.

Grow brand relationships

Prospect and build advertiser relationships with app audience overlap data.

Personalize content and offers

Show tailored content and recommendations to targeted customers via real-time API.

Grow SSP + network revenue

Pass audience data to remnant monetization providers. Drive higher indirect CPMs.
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Integrated and Extensible

Securely transfer your app audience data to trusted partners.

In addition to this list other platforms that accept custom ad ID uploads include Facebook, Twitter, and most social ad platforms.