Mobile apps have become the most important and personal marketing channel for establishing a personalized relationship with your customers. Marketers, Publishers, and Developers need appropriately sophisticated tools.

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Gain actionable insights into your customers' behavior

Every time a customer uses your apps, their activity tells you something. PushSpring helps you collect that data and then identify your most valuable customers, with deep behavioral insights and actionable recommendations via PushSpring Personas. Easily bring in data from your existing CRM and Analytics systems to build a complete picture.


Retarget existing customers with customized experiences

With access to billions of daily in-app impressions as well as high-scale push notification services, PushSpring helps you bring back your most valuable customers with advertising and push campaigns customized for them. Once they're back, customize the content they interact with to ensure higher levels of engagment and satisfaction.

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Look-alikes of your best customers

Stop wasting money on CPI campaigns bringing you low-quality users. With PushSpring, target look-alikes of your most valuable customers to grow your base profitably. PushSpring's cross-screen campaigns can help you find users wherever they are.


Connect your data

PushSpring's flexible platform makes it easy to integrate 3rd party data sources as overlays on your user data. Data export APIs also make it easy to send per-user analytics and insights to your existing Business Intelligence or CRM back-end systems.

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